“Over 4.5 Trillion doses of medicines would be dispensed in 2020 - an increase of over 500 billion compounding each year.”.
- IMS Health

Over 80 Million drugs are dispensed across 750K pharmacies in India everyday.

We provide an Economic & Reliabile way to dispense drugs 24x7.


Robot-driven intelligent Drug Store/ Med-ATM

Robots take care of dispensing orders & managing inventory.

While most of staff-time is spent on customers & service efficacy.

Reduce drug dispensing Cost

  • Significantly reduce dispensing cost & time per order.
  • Minimize stock discrepancies, pilferage & dispensing errors
  • Minimize revenue attrition due to staff turnover

Scale-Up your outpatient/ pharmacy service

  • Minimize OpEx & Attrition costs.
  • Get analytics & reports to optimise your service
  • Manage multiple stores over cloud.

Minimize spatial footprint

  • Reduce the floor area consumed in stocking by ~40-50%.

Evidence based inventory planning & management

  • Optimise refill schedule, inventory control, order wait time.
  • Realtime analytics & decision support over pharma data.

Anticipatory Stock Planning

Optimise Refill Schedule based on drug consumption patterns.

Robot assisted Refills

Prevent revenue attrition due to stock discrepancies (expiry, pilferage, dispensing errors)

Decision Support System to Optimise & Scale your Pharma Chain

Integrations & Upgrades


Ensures role based secure access to the system or any sub-processes.


The system can be easily upgraded to increase size, capacity, speed, or automate additional custom workflows.


Data interoperability with other systems over HTTP, WS & FHIR.

Hardware interoperability with a range of rack & tray sizes.


Long term extended warranty available.

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